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Kilkenny Tennis Club is one of the largest and best Regional Tennis clubs in Ireland. It is a very active club with high grade facilities and always welcomes new members and visitors.


The club has eight Class 1 grade courts finished in the latest all weather carpet (Tiger Turf Advantage) and has Class 1 Court Lighting that exceeds WTA minimum lighting levels of 807 Lux. It also has a dedicated mini practice court and practice wall.


The club house includes the club bar, dressing rooms, saunas, a fitness room,  and a table tennis area.


The Club notice board

It is important that members familiarize themselves with the various notice boards in the club. The first hall in the front door contains the large notice board of senior member contact information. The junior member list (no contact numbers will be on this list) is inside in the main hall/room. The Club rules are also on a notice board in

the main hall. In the main hall/room is the main club board and on the opposite wall is the junior club board. Competitions, social events and coaching etc are on these boards. Another source of information on what is going on in the club is the ‘Courtside’ notes in the Kilkenny People.


Private parties/events/receptions

The club facilities of the bar/kitchen and function room are available for hire for any private functions. Non-members are welcome to avail of hiring.


How to get a court

For normal (non-tournament) playing of tennis, club members usually pre-arrange games with other members. The club has a sign-in queuing system for courts. Players MUST sign in both when arriving in lobby (time in) and leaving for an assigned court (time out). Please be aware that there is a queuing system for courts. Make sure that it is your turn before going on court.

For singles: Time allowed on court is one hour from time out. A court cannot be taken until both players have arrived to play.

For doubles: Time allowed on court is 1.5 hours from time out. A court cannot be taken before two people of the four playing have arrived to play. Court time starts from time out, irrespective of whether there are two or more people on court. There is also a Practice court available.



If needed, lights are paid before going on court. Check which court you are going to and put the money into the relevant power meter on the wall. If you are waiting for a court that has light on already, do not let the time run out on the meter (as it takes about seven minutes for lights to re-heat once they go off). Put your money in the

meter at one or two minutes left and go down to court to let the players know.


Playing code

As a new member a playing code should have been attached to your membership form. If you did not get one please download it from the website in the new membership forms section (it is attached to the new member form).


Bringing guests to club

If you have a guest that you want to play tennis with, you/they must pay green fees.  The green fees are listed in the window of the club. Green fees can be paid in bar or put in an envelope and put into the green fees box. Members are very welcome to bring guests into the club bar.



There are a number of coaches in the club. Please see board for contact details and costs. You must be a member to avail of coaching.


Kilkenny County & City LTC

Kilkenny City, Ireland

Tel: 056 7765157

(Monday to Friday 7:30pm to 11pm)


Club Mobile: 086 864 5165 (phone or Text)