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American Tournaments

Every Friday Night

There is a huge range of tennis activities available for all standards of tennis


If you have never played tennis before, or if you can play and are new to Kilkenny, we invite you to try out the facilities in our club.


Some people feel that they do not want to join as a member until they get a ‘feel’ for whether tennis is for them.


Our Friday night mixed doubles tournaments (called American tournaments) are the first port of call for prospective new members to play and get to know a few people in the club in a relaxed environment. The emphasis is always on sociability. The tournament is always followed by finger food in the bar with a small prize giving and the night provides an opportunity to arrange weekday games with other members.


You can enter the Friday night tournament by putting your name up on the entry list on the club notice board by 6.45pm on a Friday evening.  You can also enter by ringing Brian Doyle (see coaching page for contact number). A draw is then done where you will be given a partner for the evening and you will play tennis from about 7.30pm to 9.30pm against a number of other doubles pairings.


Rain (unless torrential !) does not stop play, so be aware that the show goes on …..


Prospective new members are allowed to play in the American tournaments up to three times before becoming full members.



Why get into tennis?

The simple pleasures of whacking a yellow ball over a net are not to be underestimated! It's addictive.


Who is it for?

'Anyone for tennis?' goes the famous phrase. And yes, anyone capable of holding a racquet can play.


Is there a cheap option?

Schemes such as ‘Parks Tennis’ have made it much more affordable.


What if I want a proper workout?

The top players in the world really revel in the frenetic, stop-start exertion - and so can you.


Can I take it to another level?

If you have real talent, you will get noticed.


Is there a disability option?

Wheelchair tennis is really growing.


Is there a family option?

Doubles matches (two versus two) are a good way for families to play together at the same time.



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